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Corona Virus


The following article was included in our March 2020 newsletter.


We will update the information if it changes.


By Peter Andersen


This virus, also known as Covid 19, is currently causing much work for health authorities in many countries. With the advent of the internet we are placed to watch this in a way never before experienced.

I hope this article will enable you to reach authoritative information, and filter out the fake news circulating. Because this article relies on live links to web pages I regret if you are reading this as a printed paper article you will be unable to access the base information.

This article is based mainly on the NZ Ministry of Health website. While this site is informative, it is not well designed as is common with many Government sites.

So, what is Corona Virus? A Google search returns about 1,100,000,000 results, so there is plenty of information to choose from.




How it spreads.


Prevention - how to protect yourself and others.


What to do if you may have been exposed.


Probably the best analogy we have for Corona virus is the common flu. Corona symptoms are very similar to the flu, from very mild to occasionally fatal, particularly for those people with underlying health problems such as damaged lungs or weakened immune systems.

Should You Panic? Most assuredly NOT. Sensible modern hygiene guidelines will give you the best chance of avoiding this virus. Should you succumb normal treatments for the flu will probably see you through. If the virus causes secondary complications (such as pneumonia) we are blessed with a world class medical system with all the most modern treatments. So carefully read the information linked earlier in this article.

Other Information. There is a very good Youtube channel that has done an excellent job of detailing the spread of the virus. See Peak Prosperity channel.


Pandemic. This virus is being regarded as nearing pandemic proportions. This just means very widespread.

The World health Organisation (WHO) declared the virus had reached pandemic status of 11 March 2020. (New information)

Other Serious Pandemics.


Three come to mind.


Spanish Flu. This struck at the end of World War I and was far more deadly than Corona Virus. The death toll was estimated between 40,000,000 and 100,000,000.


Russian Flu. This pandemic struck in 1889-1890 and was not nearly as dealdy as the Spanish flu. Around one million deaths.


Black Death. The Black Death, also known as the Pestilence (Pest for short), the Great Plague or the Plague, or less commonly the Black Plague, was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people. This raged between 1347 to 1351, but there were other outbreaks outside this period. The death toll needs to be put beside the total human population which was much smaller than the 1918 epidemic.


When compared to the foregoing, Corona virus is very minor indeed.


Corona virus and SeniorNet. We do not have any specific plans in place at present. We would ask any people exhibiting symptoms, or who may suspect they could have been in contact with an infected person to stay away from the Centre or other gatherings (such as the Library).


If the authorities order shut downs or isolations we will of course obey these instructions. To fill the gap we may run speech based courses(podcasts) written courses (eBooks) or video based courses (based on Youtube).


We will keep you updated on any developments.



Chairman's Report - 2019


I am pleased to present my Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2019, in this 20th anniversary year of SeniorNet Hutt City.

      1. Finances:

Your society financial position at years end is as follows:


Cash position at 31/3/2019 $ 52,809

Cash position at 31/3/2018 $ 59,486


Expenditure for the year was:


Total Expenses year to 31/3/2019 $ 25,616

Total Expenses year to 31/3/2018 $ 32,018


Funds on hand are adequate to meet our ongoing requirements, and are also sufficient to provide a buffer in the event of unexpected expenses.


There is no change sought to the rate of the annual membership fee. We have made some small changes to course and workshop fees.


The past year has been challenging financially, with increase rental costs and decreased member subscriptions. The cost saving measures adopted last year in relation to telecommunications and electricity have helped, but we have still registered a fall in funds of $6,677 representing costs in excess of income.


Our applications for grants from the Hutt City Council to assist with our operations were unsuccessful.

Read more: AGM Chairmans Report 2019

Chairman's Report - 2018

I am pleased to present my Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2018.


Your society continues in a sound financial position.


Cash position at 31/3/2018 $ 59,486

Cash position at 31/3/2017 $ 59,518


The society's expenses were higher than the preceeding year, reflecting the purchase of ten new computers costing $9,510. This was funded in it's entirety by a grant of $9,510 from Pub Charities.


Total Expenses year to 31/3/2018 $ 32,018

Total Expenses year to 31/3/2017 $ 23,234


Funds on hand are adequate to meet our ongoing requirements, and are also sufficient to provide a buffer in the event of unexpected expenses.


There is no change sought to the rate of the annual membership fee. We have made some small changes to course fees.

Read more: AGM Chairman Report 2018

Obituary - JEXI KEOWN

It is with great sadness and a real sense of loss that we learned that Jexi Keown passed away on Saturday afternoon, 28th January 2018.

Jexi became a member of SeniorNet Hutt City in February, 2004. Over the years she has attended or assisted with tutoring in most classes, often at short notice.

Jexi served on the committee from 2011 to 2017 and fulfilled the post of Student Coordinator with distinction. She was a very warm and a very real people person with a bubbly personality, a very friendly demeanour, always ready to welcome people, reassure them and put them at ease, always willing to help with whatever and in whatever way she could. She was a very dedicated and loyal member of SeniorNet, believing completely in our goals and mission.

Jexi will be sadly missed by committee, tutors and members but our lives are so much richer for having known her and sharing in so many things with her.