AGM Chairman Report 2018

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Capitation fee paid by us to the Federation, in recognition of the work they do on behalf of ourselves and the wider SeniorNet community, increased from $3 to $5 per registered member in the past year. Your Executive Committee is advised that no further change to capitation fee is expected. These increases over the past two years were needed by The Federation Of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies to offset the loss of Government grant monies. The Federation has also made significant changes to their operations, to lessen the effects of their reduced cash flows. I am pleased to report that The Federation Of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies has made no substantive changes to the services supplied to societies such as ourselves.

Executive Committee:

We are well served by an active committee, with new members being inducted to replace the inevitable turnover. All members of the current Committee have offered themselves for re-election in the new term.


We actively search for new Committee members, and have one member offering for election to the Committee in the new term.


Three Committee members, including myself, attended the recent Annual General Meeting of the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies held in Hamilton. This was a useful opportunity to keep up to date with Federation activities, and to network with a group of like minded people.


I would like to record my thanks to the outgoing Committee members. They have continued the tradition of excellence in stewardship of your society.


I would like to express my sincere thanks to our treasurer, Geoff Bartlett, for the huge amount of energy he has expended in successfully searching for our new premises.


I wish to record my thanks to our secretary, Glenda Smith, without whose efforts our Society would not be in the healthy state we find it today.


I also wish to thank our Newsletter editor, Geoff Allan. I'm of the opinion our newsletter is the best of any produced by SeniorNets in New Zealand. Our newsletter is sent to over 60 other SeniorNets throughout New Zealand.

Tutors and Volunteers:

Tutor numbers are sufficient to meet our current needs. With the changing computing device usage, and the retirement of some tutors we continue to look for more tutors.


Tutors continue to be heavily involved in presenting information to our members on the Microsoft Windows 10 system. Because of the rolling nature of this operating system we will need to stay up to date with the changes as they occur.


I wish to record my appreciation to the new, current and retiring tutors for their work in this essential role.


I also wish to note here the time and effort given to your society by the many people who make our group work so well. Whether it's clerical, cleaning, resource preparation and production, technical work, staffing open days and other roles as needed, the volunteers who make themselves so tirelessly available, often with little acknowledgement, enable the group continue to fulfil its mission. I thank all the volunteers for their contributions.


Your society exists solely for the benefit of its members. Our Mission Statement is:


SeniorNet Hutt City is dedicated to helping older students become comfortable using modern computing systems. This includes various form factors running diverse operating systems, and a range of software.

We teach in a relaxed environment, with a high tutor to pupil ratio.”

The number of learning hours during the year totalled 1,196, up from last year's 1,177.

The number of registered members at 31 March was:

2018 we had 376 members

2017 we had 417 members

We continue to actively seek to attract new members.

There is a continuing membership turnover, with members reaching a level of competence and satisfaction with their learning leaving SeniorNet, and these being replaced by people seeking the knowledge that our society provides.

We have continued to touch lapsed members by sending them our quarterly newsletter.


We have concluded lease arrangements and moved into our new premises in the Gibson Sheat Building, 1 Margaret Street. The best entry to our premises is from the Queens Drive entry to this building, being 81 Queens Drive.

The 2017-18 Year:

We have replaced all our old computers running Microsoft operating systems with ten new all in one machines. Our old machines were struggling with Microsoft Windows 10. The new machines host a number of diverse guest operating systems using the opensource hypervisor Virtualbox. This gives us the equivalent of 90 separate computers. All computer operating systems and software is fully licensed.

In March, we were asked to assist with Census 2018. Statistics NZ wanted as many census submissions as possible filled in on line. We saw this as a major opportunity to raise our profile, and help with this project. Unfortunately the information was late coming to us and we therefore did not get the full benefits that may have accrued (I believe Census 2018 were tardy here). Nevertheless we assembled a team of 25, comprised of members, tutors and Committee members and ran training. Our society helped more people to complete their census on line than any other NZ SeniorNet, and in doing so increased our funds by over $1,000.

My thanks to all those who contributed to this outstanding achievement.

The 2018-19 Year:

We continue to offer courses and workshops in a range of subjects, in the expectation these will enrich the lives of our members by giving them access to a wide range of information and amusements. We have recently instituted tutoring sessions in Aged Care facilities, and will review the success of these in due course.


The 2017 – 18 year has been challenging with the amount of time and effort expended in the search for new premises. We look forward to the 2018-19 year as more settled, enabling us to concentrate on our core activities.

Peter Andersen


SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.