AGM Chairmans Report 2016

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      1. Executive Committee:

We are well served by an experienced committee, with new members being inducted to replace the inevitable turnover. Your committee is cognisant that the executive needs to be alert to obtaining suitable new members, and to this end we regularly review possible candidates.


We actively search for new committee members as it is essential that the Committee does not become moribund, as can happen if renewal is not a priority.


Eight Committee members, including myself, attended the recent Annual General Meeting of the Federation of New Zealand SeniorNet Societies held in Wellington. This was a useful opportunity to network with a group of likeminded people.


I would like to record my thanks to the outgoing Committee. They have continued the tradition of excellence in stewardship of your society.

      1. Tutors and Volunteers:

Tutor numbers are sufficient to meet our needs, and we continue to attract new tutors to replace those who, for a variety of reasons, reach the end of their training activities.


Tutors have been heavily involved in preparing and presenting information to our members on the Microsoft Windows 10 system that has now been available for almost a year. Because of the rolling nature of this operating system we will need to stay up to date with the changes as they occur.


I wish to record my appreciation to the new, current and retiring tutors for their work in this critical role.



I also wish to note here the time and effort given to your society by the many people who make our group work so well. Whether it's clerical, cleaning, resource preparation and production, technical work, staffing open days and other roles as needed, the volunteers who make themselves so tirelessly available, often with little acknowledgement, enable the group continue to fulfil its mission. I thank all the volunteers for their continuing efforts.

      1. Membership:

Your society exists solely for the benefit of its members. Our Mission Statement is:


SeniorNet Hutt City is dedicated to helping older students in becoming comfortable using modern computing systems. This includes various form factors running diverse operating systems, and a range of software.

We teach in a relaxed environment, with a high tutor to pupil ratio.”

The number of learning sessions during the year totalled 272.

The number of registered members at 31 March was:

2016 we had 437 members

2015 we had 428 members

We continue to actively seek to attract new members.

There is a continuing membership turnover, with members reaching a level of competence and satisfaction with their learning leaving SeniorNet, and these being replaced by people seeking the knowledge that our society provides.

We continue to see lapsed members returning to learn about new devices and systems.

      1. Premises:

There is no change to our lease arrangements.

      1. This Term:

The changes to the computing landscape evident in the past two years, towards mobile devices, continues. Our most eagerly sought courses are in this area, and learning about the Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system.

We continue to offer courses and workshops in a range of subjects, in the expectation these will enrich the lives of our members by giving them access to a wide range of information and amusements. We are continuing our visits to Eastboune & Hutt Libraries, and will also continue to offer tutoring sessions in Aged Care facilities as required.

I hope to survey our membership later this year to ensure our offerings meet the needs of our members.

      1. Conclusion:

The 2015 – 16 year has been both challenging and successful. We look forward to a similar outcome in the present term.


Peter Andersen


SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.