Bio - Catherine Chapman

 My experience with computers started at work – I went to the Fire Service as national media and communications manager in 1986 with an electric typewriter (the latest thing) and was hugely fortunate that they introduced computers (and training) to every desk within a year. 

My career was varied – school dental nurse, then marriage and three kids, solo parenting for years in a time when one had to work to support the children. That led to jobs with NZBC, Radio NZ, a stint in a public library, then media and coms roles in NZ Forest Service, NZ Fire Service and finally the Securities Commission. Along the way I owned a shop for a time.

When I retired I abruptly found out how much I had relied on calling the IT team when I had a computer problem! That’s where Seniornet Hutt City came in. I’ve been a member for some time, and enjoyed several courses and support in managing my computer and cell phone. Volunteering is important to me and I am currently on the Committee.