Bio - Malcolm Law

Bio - Malcolm Law

I am a former secondary school teacher with an interest in technology and using ICT (Internet and Communication Technology) to teach in a distance school (the school formerly called The Correspondence School). My subject was English and not a lot of English teachers in the past were interested in how computers might help in the teaching of English. This meant in the last few years I had a leadership role in adopting software which we could use to create on line and interactive lessons; word processors and blogs for writing, e readers and pdf documents for reading, a range of presentation software such as Thinglink and Prezi for visual language, Handybits and Audacity for oral language, podcasts for listening and wikis for collaborative activities. The next step is Education 3.0.

When I left teaching I didn’t want to give up learning, so joining SeniorNet seemed obvious. I’ve also been working on family and local history and found the course on Legacy to be extremely useful as I have never studied history even at school.

I’m married with four adult sons, who live most of the time in the Wellington Region. My wife is a part time teacher at St Bernard’s College while two of my sons work in the computer industry.

Other than computers, my interests are gardening, reading, watching drama, and writing. Just as the invention of handwriting, printing, radio, film and television have all transformed literature in their own ways, I am interested to see how computers, e readers and the internet will change literature in the near future.

Malcolm Law