Bio - Glenda Foster
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Bio - Glenda Foster


I joined SeniorNet Hutt City in December 2017. After a little friendly arm twisting from Glenda S and Peter I became a tutor last year. I teach a workshop on how to organise your travel using your electronic devices and I also teach individuals or groups how to use Manage My Health which is an app for accessing your health records at your doctor’s surgery.

I live in Petone and I retired from a long career in the health service just over two years ago. So I now have the time and energy to use my experience to take on this role. I have worked with computers since the early 1980s and have lost count of all the computers I have owned. I do recall that my first computer was a Commodore 64 – it used cartridges to store programs on. Then I graduated to an Amiga – also sold by Commodore. My first IBM computer was a 286 with a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive running DOS (Windows had not yet been invented). At that time the normal hard drive space was 20Mb (yes, Mb not Gb) but I couldn’t imagine I would ever need that much and downgraded to a 10Mb model. How times have changed! In recent years I have purchased an iPhone and iPad but I am still learning the ropes on these more modern devices. I also have an HP laptop running Windows 10 and all the MS Office apps.

I live alone with my cat Eva for company. I enjoy playing games on my devices, participating in activities at the retirement village where I live and I am an expert Scrabble player – I play competitively like bridge or chess players. I also enjoy reading and doing jigsaw puzzles.

Jargon Buster

Working in a condition where the computer is detached from the internet. Many of the most modern computers have limited functionality in this state.

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