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A numbered channel through which a PC communicates with the internet. There are 65,535 and many applications have their own dedicated port. Open ports are a major weakness. A good firewall can control the ports.

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Graphical User Interface. Any system that allows users to interact with a computer using images on screen. Previously all interaction was via text commands.

How To Apply For Membership of SeniorNet Hutt City On Line.

You can complete the form on the left side of the on line application page here.

This form is in two pages. Click the Continue button at the end of page 1 to continue on page two.

Complete all the sections marked with a red asterisk (they are mandatory) and the other questions as appropriate.

Then click the button at the end of the form to submit it. You will receive a confirming email.

If you prefer, you can call at our Learning Centre and complete an application in person. Our Learning Centre is at:


Gibson Sheat Building
1 Margaret Street, Lower Hutt 5010