Frequently Asked Questions - Snap

Snap is a database programme developed at SeniorNet Hutt City to control membership records. This programme has been made available to other SeniorNet societies around New Zealand.

This FAQ could answer your questions

What is Snap?

SNAP (SeniorNet Administration Program) is a database programme developed at SeniorNet Hutt City.
It can be used to maintain membership data, Courses, Classes, and provides extensive reporting.

What Programme/s are required to run Snap?

SNAP is a Microsoft Access database application consisting of an application file and a separate data file, and requires Office Professional (or better) to be installed. It interacts directly with Microsoft Excel.
It currently works with Office versions 2003 and above with the exception of Office 365.

What does Snap cost?

SNAP is free to Federation members

How do we obtain SNAP?

SNAP can be obtained through the SeniorNet Federation at

What is the current version of Snap?

The latest version is 2.03

Is Version 2.03 compatible with earlier version of SNAP?

Yes. When you install the latest version the program automatically upgrades the data and the structure of the data file to the latest revision.

Is there any risk to my existing data?

Not if you follow the installation instructions. The aim is to get the new version installed “alongside” the previous version using a copy of the data file.

What if I don’t have a previous version?

A blank data file is supplied with the installation package.

Why should I upgrade?

  1. Cleaner interface. You have more intuitive control over saving or cancelling changes
  2. Term and Financial Year settings are now implicit in the dates of classes and subs payments. All relevant reports have settable date ranges.
  3. Simplified Federation invoice generation
  4. Simplified class fee banking
  5. Special Interest Groups. You can add as many as you require and a member can be added to any combination of the groups
  6. One click generation of the new Federation TEC Statistics spreadsheet.
  7. Reorganised menu structure
  8. Most reports are controlled from a single screen
  9. Financial: Previous versions had an issue where recording a member’s subs payment erased the previous amount and year. In this version the previous settings are saved.
  10. Automated data backups: Each time the application starts, a snapshot of the data is taken. The most recent 20 snapshots are stored


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