It’s fantastic news!


Yes, the level 2 rules in place to fight Covid-19 allow us to resume our activities in helping mature folks get the most from their tech equipment.


The first schedule of learning opportunities is now available!


In the time we’ve been prevented from using our learning centre you will have seen we’ve kept in contact with our members, providing both entertainment and, I hope, inspiration. My thanks for this goes particularly to Glenda Smith, our past Secretary, and Geoff Allan, our Newsletter Editor.


We’ve been experimenting with Zoom as an on line teaching aid, and will be making use of our new found knowledge to the benefit of our members. Haven’t got Zoom yet? Look for information on the June Newsletter on how to install the app.


We expect a flurry of people looking to take courses as a result of deficiencies in their knowledge revealed during the lockdown. So, get on the phone and secure your spot on the courses and workshops that interest you.


Expect new courses, new tutors (as well as your familiar friends in the tutor ranks) and lots of knowledge.


Peter Andersen


SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.


27 May 2020


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Constitution of SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.

Our constitution is our guiding document. This document was agreed at the formation of SeniorNet Hutt City Inc. and sets out how the organisation is to be run.

You can download the document in PDF format from this link.

This is the current constitution, last updated 19 July 2017.

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How To Apply For Membership of SeniorNet Hutt City On Line.

You can complete the form on the left side of the on line application page here.

This form is in two pages. Click the Continue button at the end of page 1 to continue on page two.

Complete all the sections marked with a red asterisk (they are mandatory) and the other questions as appropriate.

Then click the button at the end of the form to submit it. You will receive a confirming email.

If you prefer, you can call at our Learning Centre and complete an application in person. Our Learning Centre is at:


Gibson Sheat Building
81 Queens Drive, Lower Hutt 5010