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Obituary - JEXI KEOWN

It is with great sadness and a real sense of loss that we learned that Jexi Keown passed away on Saturday afternoon, 28th January 2018.

Jexi became a member of SeniorNet Hutt City in February, 2004. Over the years she has attended or assisted with tutoring in most classes, often at short notice.

Jexi served on the committee from 2011 to 2017 and fulfilled the post of Student Coordinator with distinction. She was a very warm and a very real people person with a bubbly personality, a very friendly demeanour, always ready to welcome people, reassure them and put them at ease, always willing to help with whatever and in whatever way she could. She was a very dedicated and loyal member of SeniorNet, believing completely in our goals and mission.

Jexi will be sadly missed by committee, tutors and members but our lives are so much richer for having known her and sharing in so many things with her.


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Microsoft Word Processing

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Phone us. (04) 560-3160 (Office is not always staffed).
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Explore some of the wide variety of things on offer in MS Word 2003, 2007 and 2010 in an eight lesson course. This will give a more in-depth working knowledge than was gained in the Computer Skills courses. These skills would be especially useful to people who may be interested in doing secretarial tasks, writing letters or books, creating flyers, etc. It could also lead to taking the Advanced Word Processing Course available at SeniorNet.


This course is intended for students wishing to develop their word processing skills. in MS Word including:
Indenting Paragraphs
Creating a Table
Inserting a Picture
Formatting a Picture
Multi Columns
Using Text Boxes
Mail Merge
Word Art


This applies to those students who have completed Computer Skills and have a working knowledge of File and Folders.


This is flexible, depending on what the students wish to learn and might take between four and eight, two hour sessions

SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.
October 2013

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