Workshop - Retrieve A Stolen Computer


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Workshop - Retrieve A Stolen Computer

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Computers are a popular target for thieves. This workshop aims to show how you can install free open source software on your device to enhance the chances of the Police retrieving it in the unfortunate event it is stolen. It is illegal to install this software onto someone's device with the intention of covertly monitoring them.


The workshop will explain the steps needed to install free software on your device (up to three devices may be registered for free, paid service for more). Also covered are the steps needed to activate the software if your device is stolen.
This software covers the following devices:-

  • Desktop – Microsoft Windows
  • Desktop – Linux
  • Desktop – Apple Mac
  • Laptop – Microsoft Windows
  • Laptop – Linux
  • Laptop – Apple Mac
  • Tablet – Android
  • Tablet – Apple IOS (iPad)
  • Smartphone – Android
  • Smartphone – iPhone
  • iPod

If time permits I will assist attendees to install onto their own device.


You need to own or be contemplating purchase of one or more of the devices listed above. You need a separate email account that does not report to your device (Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo are all suitable). You will need a password for the service website.


Two hours.

SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.
November 2012

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