Workshop - Linux For Beginners (50)


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Workshop - Linux For Beginners (50)

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With the impending demise of Windows XP support (April 2014) computer users need to start thinking about how they will replace this venerable operating system. This workshop is designed to show you a FREE alternative operating system which may make the change must less painfully expensive than anticipated. You will see how the system looks, and get to play with a number of pre installed programmes. Because Linux has a smaller footprint than modern Windows, most computers able to run XP should be able to cope with a modern distributions of Linux. The smaller sized Linux distributions can give an extended life to older computers.


Explore a different world, where cost is not a constant companion. You will visit a place where viruses are almost completely unknown, where you don't need to constantly defrag your computer, and where upgrades to ALL the programmes on your computer are just a couple of clicks (with NO restart needed). We will be using two desktop computers and also my laptop computer to show some of the amazing things you could have for free. We will also talk about how this operating system is obtained legally for free, and installed. See also the companion workshop on dual booting with Windows and Linux.


Basic computer skills are required. Bring a USB Flash drive and receive a PDF presentation entitled “Linux Beginners Guide To Questions You Might Ask”.


Two hours.

SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.
July 2012