Workshop - Dual Booting With Microsoft Windows And Linux (46)


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Workshop - Dual Booting With Microsoft Windows And Linux (46)

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To see an installation of Linux along side an existing Windows installation, so either may be selected at boot up time.


I will be showing how Linux may be installed on a computer where Windows is already installed. This is an easy way for computer users to see if Linux could fulfil their requirements when Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft.
We will look at

  • Preparing the computer
  • Partitioning the hard drive
  • Installing the new Linux operating system
  • Booting to either operating system.

I will also have a desktop computer with Linux installed, as well as my laptop running Linux. See also the companion workshop on Linux for Beginners.


Basic computer skills are required. Bring a USB and receive a PDF presentation entitled “Linux Beginners Guide To Questions You Might Ask”.


Two hours.

SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.
July 2012