Workshop - Apple Exploration - iMac or MacBook (11)


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Workshop - Apple Exploration - iMac or MacBook (11)

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To help those with little computer experience to explore the controls and capabilities of a newly purchased Apple iMac or MacBook computer.


The workshop tutor will ascertain what problems people are encountering and attempt to solve them. Other than that the tutor will demonstrate how to accomplish various tasks, and generally aim to widen people’s experience and know-how in the use of these amazing electronic devices. Students are encouraged to make notes during the workshop. Since the workshop is not a course, a Manual is not provided. For many Mac users, it is a question of getting used to some differences from Microsoft, with which they may have been previously familiar. Past users of Microsoft Word and Excel would probably find “Office:mac” the best software to install if buying a new Apple computer, as it is very similar to their past experience.


At least a basic familiarity with computer terminology and how to use a computer.


One session of two hours.

SeniorNet Hutt City Inc.
November 2012